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Ithala Game Reserve - Activities

Ithala has an astonishing range of landscapes and habitats from the highland sourveld grasslands at the top of the Ngotshe Mountains to the Bushveld and Forest along the Phongola River a thousand metres below. Characterized by deep bush filled valleys and gorges with clear streams cascading over numerous waterfalls into deep pools, and expansive grassy plateaus with large herds of plains game such as blue wildebeest tssessebe and red hartebeest, Ithala offers a wealth of activities for visitors.

Self Guide Walking Trails
A number of self-guided trails traverse the wooded mountainside above Ntshondwe camp, inviting guests to enjoy glimpses of the indigenous wildlife while stretching their legs. The sight of black rhino and elephant droppings along a path adds a rush of adrenaline to the experience.Rhino occasionally enter the camp at night,therefore visitors are advised to exercise caution when walking around the camp at night.

Day and Night Drives
Day and night drives are conducted in open viewing vehicles and are a popular tourist attraction in the reserve. These can be booked at Ntshondwe camp office.

Self-Guide Auto Trails
Ithala has a number of well laid out auto trails with markers at points of interest.These enable visitors to discover and appreciate aspects of the reserve's fascinating wildlife and geology in the comfort of their own vehicles. Driving along these routes one is constantly struck by the wide range of habitats which support a large biodiversity of plant, bird and animal life in the reserve.

Picnic Sites
Picnic sites are situated in several scenic spots which offer spectacular views and are ideal for game watching. These all have barbecue facilities and ablutions.

Guided Walks
Visitors to Ntshondwe may book a guided walk at Reception.

Summer Times:

Winter Times:

Visitors to the bush camps may book their first walk with Reception on arrival, thereafter they book directly with the guide.